Having grown up on a farm in the Free State, childhood memories are filled with winters spent in the “rondawel” making biltong, droëwors and boerewors with my grandparents and stocking the freezers for months to come. It is from these fond memories that my love for biltong and has grown.

However, when we moved to Europe, we were stripped from our vast supply of deliciously, succulent meaty products! How will this “boeremeisie” ever survive?

After suffering from withdrawal symptoms for way too long, my brother started out by making his own Botha Biltong Boxes and distributed it to the masses all over Europe. This way he started making it possible to nibble on your own home made biltong with just a little bit of effort.

Not long after that, I followed in his footsteps and we’ve decided to produce the biltong itself, in order to cater for the somewhat less daring ones among us.

Along with that, boerewors has been a special love as well. By taking our family trusted farm recipes and spices, we’ve turned our boerewors into exceptional works of art. With just the correct ratio of meat and fat, our succulently juicy boerewors has made name for itself throughout Belgium and the even the rest of Europe!

Our mission is to ‘SA-tisfy’ the craving for ‘incredi-bull’ and tasty meaty products of fellow South-Africans throughout Europe and to maybe introduce our delicious goodies to other foody fanatics in an attempt to convert them to the joys of eating real South-African food.

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