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Outydse Spesery Soetkoekies.
This jar filled to the brim (approx. 500g of cookies) with the perfect Christmas cookie, the ideal gift to send to someone special. (Small Christmas card included)

Parcels will only be shipped on 14 December 2020.
(Fairy lights excluded)
€ 15,00 ea2kg
Outydse Spesery Soetkoekies.
Keep your cookie jar filled this holiday season with this bag of cookies (approx. 650g).
(Fairy lights excluded)
€ 10,00 ea800g
Traditional rusks
Also known as “boerebeskuit” (Afrikaans), they are made with real butter and yeast (no baking powder), just like your gran’s gran used to make it.
€ 8,00 / 500g pkt500g
Aniseed rusks
A famous variation of traditional rusk, but with aromatic aniseed added.
€ 8,00 / 500g pkt500g
Luxury bran rusks
When you’ve gained too much weight from eating our delicious traditional rusks, this healthier alternative is also made with butter, but includes sunflower-, poppy-, and pumpkin seeds.
€ 5,00 / 330g pkt330g
These delicate treats feature an apricot jam center, and a fluffy baked coconut topping.
€ 5,00 / pkt of 8 (Pick-up only)
Fruit mince pies
These traditional Christmas pies are filled with a deliciously sweet fruit mince.
€ 5,50 / pkt of 8 (Pick-up only)
Ginger biscuits
A must have for Christmas, these biscuits are made with real butter and golden syrup. Santa will be begging for more, but we’ll have them available all year round.
€ 3,00 / pkt of 12160g
Coffee biscuits
These biscuits will take you back home, made with butter and filled with coffee fudge.
€ 4,00 / pkt of 8250g
Vanilla cake drenched in a cacao syrup and covered with coconut.
€ 6,50 / pkt of 8 (Pick-up only)
Milk tart
This traditional tart is baked to perfection and is always a firm favorite in any South African household.
€ 9,50 / ea (Pick-up only)
Coconut biscuits
This is a cherry-on-the-top kind of biscuit, made with butter and generous amounts of coconut.
€ 4,00 / pkt of 12220g
Cremora-esque tart
This is as good, if not better than the original Cremora tart. Crunchy coconut cookie crust with the creamiest coffee creamer filling.
€ 13,00 / ea (Pick-up only)
Cape Brandy Pudding.
Also known as a Tipsy Tart, this is a firm favorite to many South Africans.
€ 13,50 / ea (Pick-up only)
Made with real butter, coconut, golden syrup and oatmeal, this is the perfect companion for teatime.
€ 4,50 / pkt of 8280g
Custard biscuits
An old favorite, made with butter and an icing filling.
€ 6,00 / pkt of 14230g
Lemon kisses
Melt in your mouth cookie with a subtle hint of lemon.
€ 6,50 / pkt of 12230g
Crispy golden dough nuggets drenched in lemon and ginger infused syrup.
€ 5,00 / pkt of 12470g
Tomato jam
Jam like no other, made the traditional way, with a hint of ginger.
€ 6,00 / 385ml jar700g
Lekker packet
This is an absolute treat and also makes a great gift. Box includes one packet of each of the following: Traditional rusks, Luxury bran rusks, Crunchies, Coffee biscuits, Lemon kisses, Coconut biscuits, Custard biscuits, Ginger biscuits and a bottle of Tomato Jam.
€ 45,00 / ea3kg
Sweet mustard
Will compliment any boerrie roll
€ 6,00 / 200ml jar (Pick-up only)
Delivery Costs per countryWeightDelivery timePrice
Belgium < 2 kg24 Hours€ 7,00
2 - 10 kg24 Hours€ 10,00
10 - 30 kg24 Hours€ 14,90
The Netherlands
0 - 10 kg2 - 3 days€ 17,50
10 - 30 kg2 - 3 days€ 35,00
0 - 10 kg2 - 3 days€ 20,00
10 - 30 kg2 - 3 days€ 40,00
Other EU countries 0 - 5 kg3 - 4 days€ 35,00
5 - 10 kg3 - 4 days€ 45,00
10 - 20 kg3 - 4 days€ 60,00
20 - 30 kg3 - 4 days€ 75,00
Rest of Europe 0 - 5 kg3 - 5 days€ 35,00
5 - 10 kg3 - 5 days€ 60,00
10 - 20 kg3 - 5 days€ 85,00
20 - 30 kg3 - 5 days€100,00
Custom Clearance Non EU
(Switzerland, Norway...)
€ 40,00
Drop-off in AntwerpOnly possible upon appointment
Pick-ups in TurnhoutOnly possible upon appointment
Pick-ups in RotselaarOnly possible upon appointment

*We do NOT advise ordering perishable meat such as boerewors to be delivered, this can only be ordered for pick-up or drop-offs.

** Please note that the packaging also weighs !
(For example: A 10kg order would weigh around 11 kg’s (including packaging) and would therefore fall under the 10-20 kg rate scale.

*** International orders could take anywhere between 2-5 working days, therefore we wouldn’t advise ordering perishable meat such as boerewors – this will be on own risk.

**** Delivery dates are specified for mere guidance without guarantee. Late delivery shall not allow the Buyer to cancel the order, reject the Products or claim damages. 

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