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Valentine combo
Treat that special someone with a delicious gift hamper, which includes 330g Chocolate brownie rusks, 250g Nutti Crunch cookies and 650g Outydse Spesery Soetkoekies. Gift wrap and small Valentine card included.

!Available until 14 February 2021!
€ 27,00 ea1,5kg
Outydse Spesery Soetkoekies.
Keep your cookie jar filled this holiday season with this bag of cookies (approx. 650g).
(Fairy lights excluded)
€ 10,00 ea800g
Traditional rusks
Also known as “boerebeskuit” (Afrikaans), they are made with real butter and yeast (no baking powder), just like your gran’s gran used to make it.
€ 8,00 / 500g pkt500g
Aniseed rusks
A famous variation of traditional rusk, but with aromatic aniseed added.
€ 8,00 / 500g pkt500g
Luxury bran rusks
When you’ve gained too much weight from eating our delicious traditional rusks, this healthier alternative is also made with butter, but includes sunflower-, poppy-, and pumpkin seeds.
€ 6,00 / 330g pkt330g
Lemon and poppy seed cupcakes
Light and luxurious, with a lovely lemon tang, topped with cream cheese icing.
€ 20,00 / doz (Pick-up only)
Carrot cake cupcakes
Loaded with freshly grated carrots, nuts cinnamon and mixed spice, topped with the perfect cream cheese icing.
€ 20,00 / doz (Pick-up only)
Red velvet cupcakes
Sexy, luscious, simply gorgeous cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing
€ 18,00 / doz (Pick-up only)
Vetkoek dough
Make your own vetkoek, roosterkoek or potbrood with our fresh dough, just like you would get from your favorite South African supermarket.
€ 6,50 / pkt of approx 1,6kg (Pick-up only)
These delicate treats feature an apricot jam center, and a fluffy baked coconut topping.
€ 5,00 / pkt of 8 (Pick-up only)
English Scones
Rich and flakey, just add clotted cream and strawberry jam, accompanied by a hot cup of tea, for the perfect afternoon tea.
€ 4,50 / pkt of 4380g
Giant Romany Creams
A truly South African chocolate and coconut biscuit, but these are even better (and bigger) than the real thing. Made with real butter and a generous chocolate filling.
€ 5,80 / pkt of 8300g
Ginger biscuits
A must have for Christmas, these biscuits are made with real butter and golden syrup. Santa will be begging for more, but we’ll have them available all year round.
€ 4,00 / pkt of 12160g
Coffee biscuits
These biscuits will take you back home, made with butter and filled with coffee fudge.
€ 4,00 / pkt of 8250g
Vanilla cake drenched in a cacao syrup and covered with coconut.
€ 7,50 / pkt of 8650g
Milk tart
This traditional tart is baked to perfection and is always a firm favorite in any South African household.
€ 9,50 / ea (Pick-up only)
Coconut biscuits
This is a cherry-on-the-top kind of biscuit, made with butter and generous amounts of coconut.
€ 4,00 / pkt of 12220g
Cremora-esque tart
This is as good, if not better than the original Cremora tart. Crunchy coconut cookie crust with the creamiest coffee creamer filling.
€ 13,00 / ea (Pick-up only)
Cape Brandy Pudding.
Also known as a Tipsy Tart, this is a firm favorite to many South Africans.
€ 13,50 / ea (Pick-up only)
Made with real butter, coconut, golden syrup and oatmeal, this is the perfect companion for teatime.
€ 4,50 / pkt of 8280g
Custard biscuits
An old favorite, made with butter and an icing filling.
€ 6,00 / pkt of 14230g
Crispy golden dough nuggets drenched in lemon and ginger infused syrup.
€ 6,00 / pkt of 12470g
Tomato jam
Jam like no other, made the traditional way, with a hint of ginger.
€ 6,00 / 385ml jar700g
Sweet mustard
Will compliment any boerrie roll
€ 6,00 / 200ml jar (Pick-up only)3kg
Gift Hamper
This hamper consists of one packet each of the following: Biltong (200g), Droewors (200g), Chilli bites (200g), Crunchies, Coffee biscuits, Koeksisters, Luxury Bran Rusks, and and bottle of Tomato Jam. Each hamper includes a card with a your custom message.
€ 57,50 / ea
Pure joy family pack
128 luxury bran rusks to share amongst family and friends
€ 40,001,4kg
Ultimate joy family pack
128 luxury bran rusks and 650g outydse spesery soetkoekies to satisfy the entire family
€ 50,002,05kg
Lekker packet
This is an absolute treat and also makes a great gift. Box includes one packet of each of the following: Traditional rusks, Luxury bran rusks, Crunchies, Coffee biscuits, Lemon kisses, Coconut biscuits, Custard biscuits, Ginger biscuits and a bottle of Tomato Jam.
€ 45,00 / ea3kg
Delivery Costs per countryWeightDelivery timePrice
Belgium < 2 kg24 Hours€ 7,00
2 - 10 kg24 Hours€ 10,00
10 - 30 kg24 Hours€ 14,90
The Netherlands
0 - 10 kg2 - 3 days€ 17,50
10 - 30 kg2 - 3 days€ 35,00
0 - 10 kg2 - 3 days€ 20,00
10 - 30 kg2 - 3 days€ 40,00
Other EU countries 0 - 5 kg3 - 4 days€ 35,00
5 - 10 kg3 - 4 days€ 45,00
10 - 20 kg3 - 4 days€ 60,00
20 - 30 kg3 - 4 days€ 75,00
Rest of Europe 0 - 5 kg3 - 5 days€ 35,00
5 - 10 kg3 - 5 days€ 60,00
10 - 20 kg3 - 5 days€ 85,00
20 - 30 kg3 - 5 days€100,00
Custom Clearance Non EU
(Switzerland, Norway...)
€ 40,00
Drop-off in AntwerpOnly possible upon appointment
Pick-ups in TurnhoutOnly possible upon appointment
Pick-ups in RotselaarOnly possible upon appointment

*We do NOT advise ordering perishable meat such as boerewors to be delivered, this can only be ordered for pick-up or drop-offs.

** Please note that the packaging also weighs !
(For example: A 10kg order would weigh around 11 kg’s (including packaging) and would therefore fall under the 10-20 kg rate scale.

*** International orders could take anywhere between 2-5 working days, therefore we wouldn’t advise ordering perishable meat such as boerewors – this will be on own risk.

**** Delivery dates are specified for mere guidance without guarantee. Late delivery shall not allow the Buyer to cancel the order, reject the Products or claim damages. 

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